The Tree Doctor

The Tree Doctor provides a comprehensive and ethical service grounded on exemplary arboriculture practices and techniques.

For the very best:

  • Quality Pruning of all Species in accordance with AS-4373:Pruning of Amenity Trees
  • Consultancy Services Including: Tree Hazard Assessment, Expert Witness and Tree Valuations
  • Vegetation management plans
  • “Resistograph’ and ‘Picus’ Decay and Cavity Detection
  • Tree Retention and Protection on construction and development sites in accordance with AS-4970
  • High pressure soil injection of fertilizers to correct nutrient deficiencies and pesticides to control Leaf Hoppers, Scale, Aphids, Borers
  • Design and Implementation of Tree Management and Maintenance Programs
  • Removal of small, large and hazardous trees
  • Soil Nutrient and Foliage Analysis
  • Soil Microbial Inoculation
  • Grow Gun soil aeration and soil remediation
  • Air spade excavation of Root Crowns and root profile mapping
  • Disease and Pest management
  • Root management
  • Transplant of Large Trees and Palms

All our works conform to relevant workplace, health and safety requirements.
All works are carried out by tertiary and AQF qualified arborists who endeavour to meet the tree-care needs of all our clients with a friendly open and honest manner.